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CNC Tool & Cutter Sharpening / Custom Cutting Tools Carbide End Mills

Iverson Tool Corporation was established in 1987 servicing the Southern California area. We are a full service CNC reconditioner and manufacturer of standard and custom cutting tools.
Our Mission is providing the highest quality reconditioning and manufacturing to our customers. Customer service is very imporatant to us. Whether small or large we treat all customers with equal attention.
In our reconditioning division all sharpening is perform completely on state of the art CNC equipment under flood coolant. Our customers have come to expect the best grind and know that they will receive the closest thing they can get to a new manufacturered tool.
In our Manufacturing division we produce a complete line of solid carbide end mills.
In our custom cutting tool division we offer a full range of capabilities.
We also of offer a complete coating service offering a full range of offerings.

Carbide Reconditioning - High Speed and Cobalt Reconditioning -

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Custom Cutting Tools - Carbide End Mills - Coating Service

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